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... Cookies not included!...  enjoy using our nibs in brownies, cookies and as a salad garnishment.  

Don't forget the Chocolate Disks!   38%, 56% and 72% disks are also available at Anette's Chocolates.

Price: $9.95 8 oz

Anette's Candied Almonds are slightly Cinnamon spiced and our Hazelnuts are dusted with cocoa power and a hint of sugar.   Try chopping over Spring Salad, adding to your favorite dessert recipe or eating them by the handful!          -- crunchy to perfection!   

-sold 2 bags per flavor - 

Almonds or Hazelnuts:
Price: $13.90 for 2- 5oz bags

* Dark Roasted Almonds and Chocolate -- The perfect match!   Choose Milk or Dark Chocolate

* Pistachios and Cranberries with Dark Chocolate -- simply wonderful!.

* Peppermint Bark  and White Chocolate Pistachio Cranberry bark are made during the Fall and Winter seasons only.

Select Bark:
Price: $10.95

Choose from 3 percentages of chocolate Disks: 38% Milk, 56% Dark and 72% Extra Dark.   Anette's Chocolate Disks are perfect in recipes and for nibbling straight from the tin. Each tin contains 2.0 oz. Minimum order: Three Tins     $14.85 for Three

% Cacao:
Price: $14.85 Net Wt. 2 oz per tin






Bulk Disks are packaged in Clear Cello Bags.  Choose from 16oz of 38% Milk Chocolate, 56% Dark Chocolate, 72% Extra Dark Chocolate and 55% Dark Non-Pareils. 

Add these delectable chocolate disk to your candy jar, cookie recipe....or hot chocolate.


Price: $13.95 16 oz

Buttery Toffee & Roasted Almonds are rolled in Milk Chocolate and Almonds then placed in a clear box with a gold base and an elegant ribbon.

Price: $21.95 Net Wt. 13.75 oz

~Exquisitely Rich and Decadent~

By gently blending Anette's Dark Chocolate Flakes into warm milk you will have created a thick ancient hot chocolate drink to enjoy sip by decadent sip.

Top it off with Whipped Cream, Anette's Indonesian Vanilla Marshmallows ...... and a shot of rum for the ...

Price: $13.95 8 oz

Light or Dark Chocolate coat a Light & Crunchy dark roast candied center with Vanilla and Caramel overtones.

Each box contains both Milk and Dark chocolate enrobed pieces.

Price: $10.95 Net Wt. 4.5oz

As pictured-- you will receive one of each of these boxes for a total of 3 mini boxes. They will be packed as follows: 1pc with Winter Cabernet Truffle, 2pc with Dark Salted Caramel & a Hazelnut Morsel, 6pc Box with Assorted Truffles. $15.75

Anette's Chocolates offers 3 mini sized boxes ...

Price: $15.75 Click image for details

Large Pecans or Roasted Almonds, Vanilla Caramel & Chocolate combine to make Anette's Scrumptious Flips.

Each box is packed with One Milk Pecan and One Dark Chocolate Almond Flip.

Price: $9.95 Net Wt. 5.75oz
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